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Moxey will pay FlashCash and Community Reward points based upon the current member sector needs for the community. Check back with this list often to see the most recent updates to these needs within the Moxey network and any associated amounts being offered. If there is a question as to which category a business falls or if you are ready to make a referral, please do not hesitate to contact your local Moxey representative or Moxey offices at 866-936-9590.

Featured Business Needs

Moxey will pay special bonuses or gifts in Community Reward points to the referring member as well as FlashCash to the business being referred when a featured business joins Moxey. Click here and then select your local community to see the current list of Featured Business Needs in your area.

Core Business Sectors

Moxey is currently gifting 50,000 Community Reward points to the referring member as well as M$500 FlashCash to the business being referred when a Core Business Sector prospect below joins Moxey. Some of these Core Business Sectors may be listed in the Featured Business Needs (above) for a particular period, in which case is likely gifting even more! Be sure to check it out.

Restaurants (Mid to Fine Dining "sit-down" restaurant)

Professional & Business Services:

Legal Services (attorney)

Accounting Services (CPA)

Information Technology (outsourced IT)

Phones & Telecommunications (phone system & answering service)

Postal & Shipping

Healthcare & Wellness:

Dental (dentist, orthodontist)

Physician (GP, dermatologist, plastic surgeon)

Optical (ophthalmologist, optometrist, eye wear)


Fitness (full service health club / gym)

Personal Care:

Dry Cleaning


Salon (hair, nail, barber)

Spa Services (day spa, massage, facial)

Pet Care (veterinarian, boarding)

Automotive Maintenance & Repair (mechanic, collision, oil, carwash)

Building and Maintenance Services:

Alarms & Security Services


Heating & Air


Building and Maintenance Services (continued):

Outdoor maintenance (lawn care, landscaping, pressure washing)

Pest Control



Self-Storage Facility


Construction (handyman, decks & fence, remodel)

Tree and land service (arborist, tree removal, stump grinding, dirt)

Travel, Events & Entertainment:

Condo / Vacation Rental



Party Rentals (equipment, venues, inflatables)

Marketing & Advertising:

Promotional Products


Printing (printers, signs)

Digital Marketing (web design, graphic design, digital strategy)

Photography (photographer, videographer)


Restaurant Service & Supply (hood cleaning, refrigeration repair, fire and safety, produce, linen service)

Retail (clothes, jewelry, gifts and treasures)

All Other Business Types

Moxey is currently gifting 25,000 Community Reward points to the referring member as well as M$250 FlashCash to the business being referred when any other business type not listed above joins Moxey.

How to Make a Great Moxey Referral, Give your Referral Moxey FlashCash, and Earn Moxey Community Reward Points for Yourself!

  • CHOOSE amazing local businesses. Select business that you and other members will love to spend Moxey with.

  • SHARE your Moxey experience. Tell the owner of the business you are referring about the benefits you've received from your Moxey membership.

  • SHOW them the Moxey app or website. Demonstrate that Moxey makes it fast to find members to do business with and is as easy to use as cash.

  • CONNECT your referral with Moxey. Once your referral expresses interest in joining Moxey, contact your local Moxey representative, or Moxey at (866) 936-9590 and set up a meeting to introduce your referral and begin the application process. You may also click this button to provide us with information regarding your referral.

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