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•        For the purposes of the FlashCash and Community Reward points, a referral is defined as an active and deliberate action taken by the referrer to introduce and connect the Moxey staff to the referred prospect. The ideal connection would include the referred showing the referral prospect the Moxey App, sharing features and benefits of Moxey, sharing a testimonial of what Moxey has done for the referred, and setting up a meeting with a Moxey representative.

•        The referrer is paid in Community Reward points which can later be converted to FlashCash or select prizes at the referrer's time of choosing. Once awarded, Community Reward point conversion rates and prize offers are explained in further detail in the Moxey app.

•        The referred is paid in FlashCash.

•        FlashCash and Community Reward point bonuses are only paid after a membership fee is paid in cash dollars. 

•        Gifts or payments of Community Reward points to the referring member and in FlashCash to the referred member will be made according to the Featured Business Needs, Core Business Sectors, and All Other Business Types schedule listed above.

•        FlashCash bonuses may be spent to purchase Moxey Gift Cards for employees if spent and loaded at the time of sign-up. Further employee gift cards or reload of initial employee gift cards must wait until after 30 days. 

•        All FlashCash bonuses must be spent in 30 days after awarded or any remaining balance will evaporate. 

•        FlashCash referral bonuses can run simultaneously with other FlashCash bonuses. 

•        FlashCash bonuses cannot be spent on Moxey Gift Cards (outside of the initial purchase of gift cards for employees as listed above). 

•        FlashCash bonuses cannot be used to purchase more than $100 in company gift cards from a single business without approval from Moxey. 

•        FlashCash bonuses should be spent in in the same community as the holder. If they are to be spent reciprocally outside of this community, they should be done under the direction and approval of Moxey.

Further questions may be directed to Moxey at (866) 936-9590 or

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