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Seanger Theatre - New Orleans Tickets

Club Seating & VIP Parking (2 tickets and 1 pass)

Seats - Club 2, 5 & 7 (these are two seats right next to each other)

Go to Seanger Theatre Events to learn more about upcoming shows.

To purchase tickets with your Moxey dollars, contact Chip Davis at The price listed is for both Club seating tickets and VIP parking pass. Be sure to include your Moxey member business, name, cell phone and email address contact info as well as the specific show, date, and time for your request.


Lindsey Stirling - The Duality Tour - Saturday, July 27 @ 7:00pm - M$250

The Austrailian Pink Floyd Show - Sunday, August 25 @ 7:30pm - M$250

Los Angelos Azules - Thursday, August 29 @ 8:00pm - M$250

... check back for more shows to be added in 2024!

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