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Start earning cash today!

            Members who refer new businesses to Moxey not only help the network grow, creating more sales and opportunities for themselves and other members, but they can now also earn a share of the benefits!

How does it work?

            So here is how it works. When a referred business joins, you as the referring member will be entitled to a percentage of the monthly cash commission fees the new member pays during their first the first few years of joining. The percentage amount and number of years may vary from community to community and time to time based upon local current policy and incentives. Check with your Moxey staff office for the current Ambassador Program incentive amounts. Ultimately, the amount that you will earn depends on how much volume the new member spends in the Moxey network. The larger the volume, the more money you make!!!

Sounds great! What do I do next?

            In order to qualify, you need to become certified as a Moxey Ambassador.  Moxey Ambassadors have to review info about Moxey and pass a pretty simple test to make sure you understand the material you have read. This process typically takes less than 30 minutes total.  Once you pass the test you will be certified as a Moxey Ambassador and you are ready to start recruiting new members to the Moxey network.


            Click here to go to the Ambassador Training Program now!

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